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Daikin Bon Odori

Graphic Design . Hardware Installation . Event Management

Bon Odori is a Japanese traditional festival, meaning to show ancestors who passed on we are okay, doing well and having a party.

Daikin takes this tradition and hold a yearly event to celebrate with their staffs' and distributors’ families, and to thank you for their hard work and support to Daikin.

We are lucky to work with Daikin on this event. From design to production, and onsite event management for over 3,000 participants in the event.

  • Opening ceremony - over thousand participants deliver big inflatable balls
  • Band show
  • Series of game booths / food stalls / workshops
  • Welcome arch
  • Bottle cap photo wall
  • Planting tunnel
  • Decoration in BBQ area
  • Closing ceremony- create snowy scene for reminding people cherishing the Winter


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