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Journey Smart roving exhibition

Promotion Campaign . Photo Booth . Interactive

Our project focuses on creating an engaging and interactive experience through two main components: a touch interactive Q&A program and a Signal Sticker Photo Booth.

The Q&A program aims to provide users with a better understanding of HKeMobility through a user-friendly touch screen interface. By utilizing this program, users can quickly access accurate information about HKeMobility and navigate through the content effortlessly.

On the other hand, the Signal Sticker Photo Booth offers users the opportunity to take photos with a wide range of entertaining stickers. By selecting their desired stickers from the options displayed on the touch screen, users can customize their photos and make them more enjoyable. The photos can then be saved on the user's device or shared on various social media platforms.

In summary, our project combines the elements of a touch interactive Q&A program and a Signal Sticker Photo Booth to create an interactive and fun experience for users. Through these features, users can learn about HKeMobility and have a delightful time capturing and sharing their photos with unique stickers.

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