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Internet Economy Summit

App Design . Graphic Design . Photography . Promotion Campaign . Social Media . Augmented Reality (AR) . Animation

Luxe Concept team was appointed to develop an interactive booth for the Internet Economy Summit (IES) event.  We have used face detection technology to identify the registered guest and tailored an avatar to welcome guest.  Combining the augmented reality technology in program, allowing guests to holding different props to interact with the program to change its photo frame and show the animated 3D objects related to IES theme.

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About Client

The Internet Economy Summit gathers top-notch global and local tech heavyweights to share their insights on how today’s businesses can leverage data-driven innovations to capitalise on the unprecedented opportunities in the connected world. The Summit offers a vision into the digital future with disruptive influence in areas of fintech, virtual marketplaces, internet of things, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, enterprise 4.0 and more. A not-to-be-missed event that decodes the winning strategies for businesses in harnessing new data and technology transformation to create value and catalyse internet-led growth in the new economy.

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